The Magic of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a timeless classic, recognisable to past generations and still going strong today, over 100 years after his original appearance on paper.

An attractive element to Peter Rabbit’s character is his curiosity of the world, while many kids are sadly glued to screen’s, it’s refreshing to promote exploration and a desire to learn, this is a crucial part of a child’s development and therefore strengthens Peter’s role model status. Our children should aim to learn, grow and go on adventures, physically and in their imaginations.

The tales of Peter Rabbit provide a connection between generations. Young children, their parents and their grandparents can all enjoy the familiarity and warmth of the stories together, bonding families.

At Loula & Deer we provide toys and gifts that trigger the imagination, to take children away from the internet and into the world of self-made adventure, so shop our new range of Peter Rabbit toys and gifts to keep the magic of Peter Rabbit alive for future generations to come.


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