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Lolita Colenso

Loula and Deer is the creation of Lolita Colenso.


While pregnant with her second child and after graduating with BA degree in Technology and Innovation from Sussex University, Lolita got inspired to open a shop that sold things she loved, in a space she loved and to people she would grow to love. Things that were both innovative and fashionable but also timeless and old fashioned. This is where the brand was born, taking inspiration from the Masters research on consumer buying pattern, and having things that are beautiful, but fit in small spaces. Lolita used her experience as a new mother to build her business.

The brand grew from her love of small toys, a relationship between interior and play, what’s less is more and based on her interest in timelessness. 

The quirky name Loula, from Loula and Deer, is in fact the nicknames of her son Louis, who designed the logo for the brand and her daughter Lara, and a Deer which is the favourite toy and a symbol of festivity. 

Loula and Deer stocks fun, funky, timeless and innovative toys and gifts for you and your children. Lolita attends on average 10 trade shows every season all over Europe, to select the products that will put smile on your face. 

So keep popping back! There's always something new and unique for every child!