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Printed Cotton Canvas Pencil Case

This exciting pencil case by Bakker Made with Love will inject fun design into your little one's school supplies. Adorned with dazzling graphic prints, these colourful cases are entirely handmade from cotton canvas, in a small run in Bali. With their zip fastening and red rubber branding stamp they are ideal for stowing away all manner of stationery treasures - perfect for brightening your child's school days! They're even great for adults too, as they are the perfect size to use as a little make-up bag to travel with you!

The patterns on the pencil cases are seasonal and they come to us as a random mixture. Therefore, we cannot guarantee to have the exact same patterns every time. So we ask you to choose from either reds, greens or blues and we will send you what we have. Think of it as an exciting lucky dip where your guaranteed to get something that you will love!

Measures: 22cm x 7.5cm x 5.5cm