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What's in a name?

July 18, 2013 1 min read

      Excitement about the new heir to the throne’s name has reached fever pitch with only days to go before the new arrival. So what will Prince William and Kate Middleton’s little prince or princess be called?

      As is only fitting for a royal, most members of the Royal Family tend to have multiple names. Prince William alone has four: William Arthur Philip Louis. When naming their right royal sprogs the royals tend towards traditional names, especially those of successful monarchs.

      Elizabeth and Victoria were both extremely strong and successful, as were Arthur and William. Less likely to make the cut would be Henry, considering King Henry famously married six times – and beheaded two wives. As far as non-traditional names go, only Princess Anne’s son (Prince William’s cousin) has gone off grid, naming his little princesses Savannah and Isla.

      Top of our list is George and Louis for a boy, Victoria or Carole for a girl. So what will it be? Whatever it is, we're sure Miss Middleton would love one of our best-selling personlaised necklaces. So if you're looking for gift ideas, William, you know where to come. Watch this space …

      Top Ten Brighton Names -

      Girls: Alice Victoria Laura Amelia Rosie Cindy Fleur Yvette Coco Claudia 

      Boys: Elvin Harry Henry Sebastian Calan Ellis Dylan Milo Rudi Billy


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