Take A Moment and Relax April 13 2017

With Spring blossoming and Summer on the horizon it’s the time of year to appreciate life and focus on your wellbeing. After a day in the hazy sun what better way to unwind than with the aromas of Moroccan rose, lavender, wild fig and grape or perhaps a tangy lime leaf and ginger. These indulgent smells can be enjoyed in the form of a slow releasing diffuser, a room spray or an 100% organic candle.

Aromatherapy dates back around 5000 years to the ancient Egyptians who used essential oils in processes such as embalming, massaging and washing, due to the strong aromas and effects on the body, senses and mood. In more recent times scientific studies have indicated negative emotions can be lifted from scents we experience; a nostalgic lavender can bring you back to childhood parks whilst wild fig and grape reminds you of a past holiday under the glistening sun.

Spring is a time of transition where we can try to leave stress, anxiety and often the low mood of Winter behind us, spending more time in nature can keep us mindful and help us to focus on the now. Therefore, natural smells can elongate feelings of wellbeing even after the sun goes down. So why not give the gift of smell and mindfulness to yourself, your friends, family or even a little baby bump and take a moment from busy day-to-day life to relax.

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